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Patrick, thanks so much for letting me participate in the early test phase of All Stars. After setting up I used it to get 30+ reviews in the first few weeks, taking me from 9 to 39. I ask EVERYONE honestly, why did they call me, and nearly every one of them is saying because of my reviews. Crazy stuff. Again, thanks.

Jay Wethers Testimonial

I saw the ad for this and immediately had to jump on it, my 2 year old or caveman husband can use this. I'm so busy all the time. Marketing is a struggle, this saves me so much time and money to note hire anybody to do it for me. My salon has grown so much since I used this.

Jay Wethers Testimonial

I love promotions and giving people a reason to work with me. First thing I did was get all my customers added to my list and then send them all an offer to pressure wash their driveway FREE with their house pressure wash. Guess who sold 8 house washes in about 2 hours. And guess what? Those people are going into their own special list of AWESOME customers who I can work with again and again. LOVE the app.

Jay Wethers Testimonial

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a set up cost?

Absolutely not. No hidden fees, no set up cost.

What's a magic card?

The magic card is complementary gift we send to all of our customers, its made in the USA and delivers in less than 14 days with your company branding. You may use the card to also collect instant reviews from customers if your phone is not by you, simply tap theirs and BOOM review!

Do all plans come with the magic card?

Yes, we absolutely do. We provide an annual membership plan that provides the full use of the app for an entire year at a stunning 65% off.

Which industries is this best for?

Rank Promotion Software by All Stars App is a great fit for any local home service business, from cleaning companies to roofing contractors, and from a handyman service all the way to a plumber or lawn care company. If you're a local service business, Rank Promotion Software will be great for you.

How much can this help my business?

Tremendously. We've seen user's call rates increase by as much as 60-80% within weeks of starting. This growth corresponded to the increase in their ratings and reviews, which dramatically improved their ranks online resulting in more calls. After working with so many clients who've accomplished the same thing, we have no doubt that you'll experience incredible long term growth by using Rank Promotion Software to rank better and get more customers!

What's the average usage of this?

Most users use the app several times a day, with each customer or client they interact with. If you're a high volume business, you'll use it more than a lower volume business. One thing we can say for sure is that as you get started, you WILL get more and more customers and you'll be using it more and more!

What is a team seat?

A team seat is for employees, consider 1 employee as 1 team seat. The more employees you want to use the software with you for more power, the more seats you may need

Do all the plans include all features?

Yes! All plans come with Rank Promotion Software and have all features available.

Do you offer an annual plan?

Yes, all plans come with a magic card completely free and to order more you can simply send in an order request!

Do you sell my information?

Absolutely not. Your data is kept 100% secure, safe, and private. If at any time you want to cancel your membership and delete your account, it's a quick click or two and it'll be done.

Out of all of the tools in my business, this is one is my FAVORITE! It saves all my repeat customers, and make it so easy to run promotions at no extra cost. BOTH my retention and revenue has increased. I was just amazed that 1 single app can do this.

Jay Wethers Testimonial

All Stars App totally changed my business, I've tried everything to increase my leads and finally found something that works. My organic traffic has never been like this ever before, Rank Promotion Software saved me thousands in paid marketing and increased my revenue by at least 18%.

Jay Wethers Testimonial
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Copyright All Stars App LLC, All Rights Reserved

Based in the United States of America