Mission Statement

To Stop Good Local Service Business from Giving Up or Going Out of Business By Providing A Software To Help Them Grow in EVERY Stage As FAST As Possible Without Relying on Big Corporations or Agencies.

A Message from our founder & CEO

Hey! My name is Patrick, and I've made it my personal mission to help local businesses grow without ANY paid marketing.

When I was working full time in my dad’s construction company. I had a half dozen blue collar jobs before I graduated college -- roofing, remodeling, landscaping, you name it, I did it. With another half dozen working in as cleaner, a tow truck driver, the list goes on.

When I graduated and founded a marketing company to serve the same businesses I used to work for, I discovered something.

Like my dad, MOST business owners are really good at what they do.

Amazing craftsmanship, incredible worth ethic, impeccable drive for success, but if you asked how they were going to fill next month’s schedule or pay next month’s bills, they go blank. Or say "Oh I have SEO" or "Oh I'm buying leads"

All they want is to do was get paid for doing what they are great at and have a successful thriving local business, so they would just hope that business "would pick up" on its own.

Frankly, it almost never happens, its just thoughts and prayers that their business runs on, or they're selling kidneys to pay huge corporations and marketing companies, that always promise them the world, then leave them with an atlas at best.

The ultimate unicorn promise, that always turns out to be a trojan horse, enough was enough

What I discovered was that being a business owner felt like pushing a car uphill. So I looked for solutions. What was out there? Well... a lot of this:

“Want more leads? Sign up for local service ads starting at $300 a week!” - Google

“Want to build your business? If you’re serious, we’ll need $2,000+ per month to build your SEO, ads, reputation management, and about 5 other things you should be doing while taking 90% of your retainer as profit.”- Big Marketing Agencies

“You want leads, we got you! They’ll cost $60-150 a pop and be shared with 3-8 other contractors but that’s not really our problem, go bid.”- The Big Lead Sellers

“Want to grow your business? Just download our 37 step software program with 2 hour onboarding call, 40+ integrations and 30 features, that costs many thousands to set up and use and hours upon hours to learn. Hopefully it'll help a bit."- Complex Corporate Solutions

These companies were charging hopeful business owners tons of money and making bank.

But nearly every business owner I met was still struggling.

This frustrated me tremendously. They were getting bled dry and nobody was doing anything about it. Small businesses account for the majority of employment in our country - If we don't have small businesses, we don't have jobs. Period.

As it turns out, We WERE pushing a car uphill. And there were a bunch of freeloaders inside. We were doing all the work and for the most part, these solutions weren't helping. It's really hard to outwork a bad system.

When I discovered this, I resolved to find a solution that would empower people like me, like my clients, my partners, and like my dad.

I grew up working full-time with my dad and I wouldn't trade those years for anything. But... money was usually tight, jobs were often scarce, and we were frequently scared. Christmas & holidays... could be hard.

Anybody who's good at what they do, with a business in ANY market or economy, shouldn't be able to build a profitable business and put food (or presents) on the table for their children.

They should be empowered to do what they do best! Build things, or do things, or sell things, while building a successful company with a great team. And so, I created All Stars App.

To put power BACK in the hands of local business owners by giving them exactly what they needed to tap into a proven growth formula:

Social proof (built quickly, powerfully, and meaningfully)

New Sales (getting more leads, closing more sales, making more profit)

Repeat Business (leveraging psychology for dramatically increasing revenue)

All Stars does this with cutting edge technology, in a way that ANYONE could learn and use within 10 minutes max.

It makes it easy to build an invaluable customer list, and it makes it easy to run promotions and get repeat sales within minutes. Not hours, not days. Minutes.

It costs a fraction of SEO, of ads, of large marketing agencies, and big corporate tools.

The truth is, All Stars is dramatically underpriced. That’s on purpose. ANYONE needs to be able to access it.

Because no matter where you are in your business, All Stars will take you further, faster, while leaving more money in your pocket for your family, a much needed vacation, or just some random thing that makes you happy!

On top of that, you'll receive our special All Stars Fast Lane Kit in the mail that will help you accelerate your success even faster. We guarantee you’ll love it, and so will your customers.

All included with all pricing plans, for free.

All Stars is about more than just the results, it's about truly owning your success. Don’t push your car uphill.

Kick the freeloaders out, get behind the wheel, and let All Stars fuel your ascent.

There's a better way.

Patrick Smith | CEO & Founder

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