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Collect Instant Reviews

The ultimate word of mouth feature, collect instant reviews from customers remotely or while giving them the best on site experience. This feature not only increases your influence, but also gives you the stellar reputation you need to have a thriving reputable business that drives you more leads.

Promotions For Repeat Sales

The most affordable way to advertise with the highest return. Without paying big corporations, your personal cash cow. This feature allows you to run your promotions with no skills or effort required and get repeat sales on demand from customers at the speed of sound giving you a pace advantage to blow the competition out of the water

Build Powerful Customer Lists

The most reliable customer targeting method, the best traffic and interactions comes from customers who are already looking to buy from you. Many benefits comes with this feature, customer feedback, customer retention, and communication. Build, save, and grow your customers with this feature.

All Stars App totally changed my business, I've tried everything to increase my leads and finally found something that works. My organic traffic has never been like this ever before, Rank Promotion Software saved me thousands in paid marketing and increased my revenue by at least 18%.

Jay Wethers Testimonial

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